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About Us

What is Pottervision?

Four performers are all set to recreate a Harry Potter movie but, when two of them drop out on the day (and take all the props and costumes with them), Tom and Lukas must go it alone and make do with the limited resources they have. 

With DIY props, charity shop costumes and both performers having to play multiple characters, Pottervision is a wig-changing, wizard-impersonating, audience-immersing Ford Anglia ride through all the ridiculousness of that first magical movie. 

What could possibly go wrong? There's only one way to find out! Come and see us at one of our upcoming shows. Appropriate for ages 16+, Pottervision is a fantastical spectacular for everyone from the most casual fan to the most avid squib.

The Performers
Tom Lawrinson

is a stand up comedian based in Manchester. He featured on BBC Radio's New Comedy Award in 2016 and 2019 as well as on CBBC's 50-50 in 2004.


Tom is twice a Beat the Frog World Series finalist and 2019 Chorlton comedian of the year. He is also a fan of Greek mythology, gossip with the lasses and eating donuts with the lads.


"Has a lot going for him..he sidesteps the obvious and his jokes about sexism are worth a trip to see him alone"



“An insightful and funny gentleman, cleverly turning stock gags on their head to reflect a ‘woke’ view of a world that has slept in for too long.”

- The Skinny


"A creative mind full of weird, wonderful and completely unexpected punchlines. So much so that he leaves tears running down the faces of the audience"


Lukas Kirkby

is a comedian, actor and improviser from North Wales now based in Manchester. As a stand-up Lukas performs up and down the country with his parody songs and whimsical one-liners. He is also part of improv troupes ComedysportzUK and Murder Inc, and teaches improvisation via the former as well as Laugh at Leeds.

Every Christmas Lukas returns to his Welsh roots and performs pantomime in Colwyn Bay with Magic Light Productions, and is looking forward to being back there December 2022 for Robin Hood. Lukas also has a dedicated YouTube channel full of sketches, songs and live clips.

"One of the most exciting young acts on the circuit." 
- Comedy Balloon

"Like giving a monkey a gun, but more fun."
- Kill for a Seat Comedy

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